I play in these bands, among others

Trabant is a young and eager trio based in Northern Europe. The repertoire consists mostly of own compositions, but they also interpret Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylans songs. The music is based in the modal jazztradition of the 60's, but bears in it references to country, rock and blues. The expression is contemporary, focusing on improvisation, composition, energy and originality.
Trabant has toured a lot in Norway and Europe, stopping in cities such as Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, and released their first album August 2012.

Johannesen/Furu duo plays all improvised music, and released their first album "The Eco Logic" in November 2009.

Coming from the creative enviroment at the Music Academy in Oslo comes this trio with a new and interresting expression. Inspired by Paul Motians classic trio, they make melodicly inventive, modern and challenging music. The three musicians have long experience touring Norway and Europe with, among others, Petter Wettre quartet, "jazzintro"contestants Revolver! and Aphrodisiac, Hoo Ray, Trabant and Aksel Jensen Lucky Three. Playing their own compositions they roam from intense melodies to loose stretches of sound, from the darkest of blue emotions to

energic eruptions. With melodic inventiveness they create their own distinctive music with nerve and brilliance. The trio's first release "KAYAK" on AIMRecords was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2009. They will be participating in the "Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2010" - competition in Helsinki.

Stian Around a Hill Quartet is a modern jazz quartet, playing compositions by Stian Omenås. The group's first album "Lille Stille" was released on AIM Sound City April 2009. It consists og Stian Omenås (tp), SMF (sax / clar), Ola Høyer (b) and Øyvind Skarbø (dr). Their second album is due to record in the fall of 2010.

Andrea Kvintett consists of songwriter Andrea Rydin Berge on vocals and autoharp, Christian Meaas Svendsen on bass, Kim-Erik Pedersen, Harald Lassen and me on saxes. Our debut record was released May 2012 on NorCD.